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Pay Per Click

Struggling with Ineffective Online Ads? Your Solution is Here!

Are your online ads falling on deaf ears? Are you pouring money into campaigns with little to no return? The frustration ends now. Our PPC expertise turns ineffective ads into revenue-generating powerhouses.







Site Prepare can be the final destination of your queries like PPC advertising services or Google Adwords or SEM services or paid marketing services at the best market rates. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the most popular & complex marketing techniques to grab traffic to your website. It is a part of paid promotion or paid marketing strategy. With every click, you can earn a potential customer to your website to know your services. This way we generate quality traffic from top sites and engage maximum monthly users.

We create rich content-driven campaigns in the form of videos and visuals which aims to get maximum likes and then bring the audience to your websites for better engagement and high conversion rate. Digital campaign is more than simply putting adverts of business at websites or social media or other platforms.

The process of AD management has few steps but it comes with huge benefits!

Setting-Up Digital Campaign

First we understand your brand, desired goals and targeted audience. Followed by evaluation and auditing of your digital channels and assets. With right content & appealing Ad format, one can easily scale its online business towards good returns. Our professionals aim to create a catchy ad that is engaging, leading the campaign one more steps closer to being profitable.

Keeping all these points in place, we set up a digital campaign with well-defined structure and goals. Before creating campaign we brainstorm a strategy, market research and we get to understand our clients’ short-term and long-term goals.

Optimising Campaign

Once user click on your Ads, we start tracking user journey, thus having a clear call to action to crisp content communications. To see how your ads are performing, Site Prepare Digital Marketing Agency tests yours and competitor’s AD campaigns on a daily basis and test your ads for the right keywords and landing page sufficiency. Once campaigns are launched, we monitor results daily and adjust strategies when needed, to ensure our clients get the best possible return. Once campaigns are launched, we monitor results daily and adjust strategies when needed, to ensure our optimisation plan is well defined for ROI driven campaigns.

Reporting & Analysis

Don’t have the time to perform a PPC audit ? With the help of right analytic tools like Google Analytics , we trace and report accurate revenue figures time to time for every campaign. We track various insights like clicks, impressions, conversions, expenses & returns through various tools to form meaningful reports. Our reporting will give to a closer insight at your goals.

Entrust your PPC services to our pay per click agency and let us do the technical work for you.

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